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  • A Lady of Grace-Fletch Wiley12/30/00(0)
  • In Loving Memory of a Great Women of GOD-Audrey Reed12/30/00(0)
  • IN THE LOVING ARMS OF OUR SAVIOR-Laurel Heiss12/30/00(0)
  • you are where i want to be, a message from The TowerOf Power Ministries of Hbg. Ms.-Pastor A.G. Gatling12/30/00(0)
  • Designers Orginal-Jean Gudger12/30/00(0)
  • The Victory-Doris of Columbus, OH12/30/00(0)
  • I remember....-Dave Hollandsworth12/30/00(0)
  • I love your music-D J Graves12/30/00(1)
  • An appropriate Song-Vincent Allen12/30/00(0)
  • Another Music Maestro Passes-Bryan12/30/00(0)
  • You have been an inspiration-Sonia12/29/00(0)
  • Praying for the family-Raphael Raynor12/29/00(0)
  • Hallelujah! You made it! And when we all get there-Raphael Raynor12/29/00(1)
  • One Song Ending...A New One Begun-gamage carter12/29/00(0)
  • From Ordinary to Extraordinary-Linda12/29/00(0)
  • One Verse Ending A New Song Begun-gamage carter12/29/00(0)
  • Pioneer-Beatrice Josey12/29/00(0)
  • Thank you for the 24 years that I have followed you-Pastor Pat Wright12/29/00(0)
  • I love your music-Virgil Taylor12/29/00(1)
  • I love your music-Virgil Taylor12/29/00(0)
  • My prayers-Tom Carlisle12/29/00(0)
  • She's home Now..-Gayle Lecus12/29/00(0)
  • Missing You-Community baptist church12/29/00(0)
  • An End and A Beginning-Jeanne Halsey12/29/00(0)
  • We'll see you...-Sarah12/29/00(2)
  • I love your music-Dee12/29/00(0)
  • Missing you!-Robyn Dudley12/29/00(0)
  • God is Great-Kathryn Gerk12/29/00(0)
  • You-Kary Sanders12/29/00(0)
  • Your Legacy-Selwyn J. Collins ll12/29/00(0)
  • Heaven's New Choir Member-Jeff12/29/00(0)
  • We love you so much and have been a part of the many receiving blessing from your music ministry for years. Our Prayers is going out for you all the family we will for ever be bless thru her life and ministry. Love You All-John and Dinah Payne from Memphis12/29/00(0)
  • You're really singin' now!-Marvin Matthews12/29/00(0)
  • My friend of a lifetime-Judy A. Gossett12/29/00(0)
  • Heaven's choir is jumping now!-Sandra Crouch12/29/00(2)

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