Update-January 16, 2001

My family wishes to extend a hearty thank you for the many many kind wishes during this tough period.

Many have asked if the danniebelle.com site will continue. Of course it will!!! My mom's legacy will live on. Her ministry has touched so many lives that it would be a travesty, in my opinion, for us to take the site down.

We ask for your prayers that we will be able to make my mom's music available to you. We are working diligently on this project. Also, many other projects are in the works in order to keep her ministry alive. Please hold us up in prayer.

Continue to come and post to the message boards. More interactivity will be available soon. Thank you to many of the visitors that have sent pictures, video, and song lyrics. We will post them very soon.

Since the funeral, we have not found the opportunity until now to tell you how the services went last Friday.

Last Friday was a wonderful homegoing celebration for Danniebelle Hall. Services were held at Center Of Hope Community Church in Oakland, Ca., pastored by Ernestine Reems. with Pastor Yvette Flunder and Pastor Carol Houston officiating.

Reverand Walter Hawkins gave the invocation followed by the Old Testament and New Testament reading by Elder Sandra Crouch, and Pastor Brondon Reems.

The music was so beautiful. It was like a huge Gospel-fest. The Jones Sisters (Paula and Cynthia) recounted their days growing up in Pittsburgh PA. The original Danniebelles (Paula, Jimmye, Phyllis - including honorary member Shirley Miller) recounted their days as the Danniebelles. Andrae Crouch and the Disciples gave smashing renditions of signature songs many have come to identify with Danniebelle, such as "Soon and Very Soon" and "Take Me Back." When they sang "Tell Them," I could just here my mom singing her part "ooooh, tell them for me....please tell them for me.....that I love them....and I came to let them know." She was there, front and center, enjoying the party in her honor!!

Friends such as Jessy Dixon, Edwin, Walter, and Tramaine Hawkins, Shirley Miller, Reba Rambo, Be Be Winans and more celebrated a homecoming celebration fit for a queen. Their singing was fabulous!!!

During a "family tribute" I had the honor of sharing a bit of our childhood joys and pangs. I publicly apologize to my brother Charles for anything I said that can be used against him!!! Two of her granny-belles presented beautiful poems.

More singing, acknowledgment of cards, telegrams and resolutions brought the service to a close, but not before a befitting sermon presented by Bishop Roderick Caesar. If we failed to mention anyone, please forgive me and accept our families thanks.

My mom was then laid to rest.

Along with the support of my father's widow, my mom was laid to rest in the same cemetery as my dad. My parents remained friends til death they did part. It is special in a sense because my sister, brother and I feel as though we brought them together again.

Thank you, and God bless!!!


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