Update--April 13, 2000

When I went to dialysis on Saturday, they were not able to exchange my blood through my Perma Cath. This is a very frustrating situation. I immediately knew that I would have to go to the hospital. The nurses tried everything they could to open up the port. They tried to loosen the clot but that didn't work either. By this time I was desperate. I knew that I had to be dialyzed. The only option was to get a femoral catheter placed in my groin. However, this is a temporary option, it will only work while lying in the hospital. That dialysis proved to be very successful.

The process was very painful in and of itself. I had a lot of scar tissue in that area from a previous right popliteal angioplasty. This opens up the veins in the right leg. As you can guess by now, I have some circulatory problems. Let me just say a word to those of you who are feeling immortal, please take good good care of yourself while you are young. This does not ensure you of a long life, but at least ensures the quality of your life. Be careful of your diet, get plenty of exercise, drink proper amounts of fluids, and lay off of the salt.

The doctor's plan was to transfer me to another hospital where he could put a shunt in my left arm, this turned out to be unsuccessful so they inserted another Perma Cath. It worked, and I was able to be dialyzed.

The upside of all of this is that while I was in the hospital, I happened to watch The Bobby Jones Gospel Show. I heard John P. Kee sing a song that blessed me out of my sock!!! The song sang, "For all the things you've done, for all the things you've done, my soul does magnify you for all the things you've done". I can understand those of you that write me and tell me how my songs have ministered to you. I just want to say John; you have blessed me more than you'll ever know. If anyone reads this, and talks to John, please tell him this for me.

Isn't it amazing how songs can carry you through circumstances. I can recall when my leg was first amputated, all I could hear in my spirit was Walter Hawkins song "Don't wait till the battle is over, shout now". There was a period of time that I was going through extreme nausea and vomiting, and it seemed as though the doctors couldn't determine what was wrong with me. Rosie Wallace's song "All is well, all is well-no matter what my eyes may see, no matter what my ears may hear, all is well in Jesus name. I hummed that and sang that in my mind over and over, and God brought me through that time of discomfort.

I am out of the hospital. The doctors still have not determined how they are going to proceed, but all is well. Plans for the future: To put my name on the list for a new kidney, and watch as God opens up that door. Thank you for your prayers.

Love Danniebelle


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