Update--May 27, 2000

It's time for an update. We are going to change this section to "update" rather than "weekly update". Like I said earlier, bare with our dust, as this is a work in progress!!!

On the last update, dated April 27, 2000-the doctors wanted to delay surgery to allow my body to heal. Also, I was hoping that I would not have to go back to CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis), but with all of the trouble that I was having with the fistula clogging-it was inevitable. I had the surgery about 3 weeks ago. Let me tell you the difference between Hemo-dialysis and Peritoneal dialysis.

Hemo-dialysis is done at a Dialysis Center. The patient is hooked up to an artificial kidney with lines that circulate and cleanse the blood. Peritoneal dialysis is a process done at home. A catheter was installed to accept solution suspended from an IV pole. The solution drains into the peritoneal lining, and sits there for a while. It is released, filtering out the toxic wastes. I have to do this four times a day on a regular schedule. The whole process takes about a half an hour. It is of utmost importance that this is done in a sterile environment. I had to take classes to learn how to do this correctly. If done incorrectly, infection can enter my body. I will begin CAPD as soon as my body has healed from the surgery.

I can feel myself healing. Now I can turn and move without groaning. I'm finding that having something to look forward to gives me impetus, it keeps the juices flowing. Life has such meaning to me. I'm enjoying cooking for myself. I do get frustrated because it takes me so long to do anything.

The thought of doing Peritoneal dialysis is just a bit frightening. I'm hoping I will have the strength to do it. I've done it before but five years ago. I was a different person then. Not necessarily better, just different. My final answer on CAPD is I CAN DO IT. I can do ALL things through Christ, which strengthens me. That's my final answer.

The bible study is steadily growing. We're progressing through Genesis. Our last study focused on the fourteenth chapter. We honed in on Abraham's giving tithe to Melchizedek. We cross referenced to Malachi 3:10 and pointed out that God does not want us to give him what's left over after we pay our bills and do whatever we want to do. He wants to be first. He wants us to give him preeminence in all things. Like Kim Burrel says in her song I Come To You More Than I Give "I give you my heart, my mind, my soul, my praise, my money". If you show me your cancelled checks, I can tell you where your heart is. It's about investing in the Kingdom of God and being a wise steward over what God entrusts in our hand.

Prayer requests: Strength to do CAPD, the flow of God's creativity through me to write songs, opening of doors in terms of TV programs that will help promote the ministry God has given me, and the strength to walk through those doors. Holy Spirit just reminded me of Isaiah 43:18 and 19. Praise you Jesus!!!

Love you always, Danniebelle


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