Update--June 17, 2000

Hello all. I realized it was time for another update. I guess I was waiting for something eventful to happen. Then I realized that my being alive and breathing was an event enough for me to rejoice over.

The CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis) classes are coming along well. Even though I've been through it before, it's like learning the steps all over again. Last time (5 yrs ago) I was on the Baxter system. Now I'm on the Fresenius system. Oh yes, on hemodialisis only 3 times a week instead of four. I've got about two more weeks of hemo. It takes a lot longer for me to get stuff through my head. The last class I had was on a hemo day, it was hot and my instructor's voice began sounding like a little mosquito whipping around my ears. Toward the end of the class (which lasts 4 hours at a time, 2 x a week) I just broke down and cried. I guess it was a combination of it being hot, Mary's voice, not having had any breakfast, and basically being sick and tired of being sick and tired. It all culminated in my crying like a baby.

After class, I went out and got an ice cream cone. Not just any old ice cream cone but Snickers ice cream. I deserved it. I sat outside and savored every minute of the ice cream, spitting out the peanuts for some deserving bird's meal. It's really difficult controlling my fluid intake during the hot summer time. I limit myself to 5 eight-ounce glasses a day. Its hard, but I'm doing it. Oh yeah, I baked some teriyaki chicken thighs; oooh so good- got to build up my protein level.

Prayer requests:

  • pray that I'll have the physical strength to do CAPD.
  • pray that God will send more people to bible studies.
  • pray that I'll get going on my book.
  • pray that God's creativity will flow into me so I'll write more songs. and
  • pray that God will send me a companion.

I think I'd like to have one. I guess I've really not looked in that direction since the passing of Charles. He has such huge shoes to fill. Actually, whomever God sends has to be his own person. I've got to accept him, plus he's got to accept me like I am. Being the perfectionist that I am, that aint easy, with all my other idiosyncrasies. Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not an easy person to live with. Just ask my children if you don't believe me. Long list huh, but God knows my heart and now you know too. More than anything, I want to keep my ear close to God's mouth so I'll be sensitive and obedient to his voice. He is preeminent in my life.

Our recent bible study was in Genesis 17. The key thought was how Abraham obeyed God. Even though Abraham didn't know anything about circumcision, because God had established that every male be circumcised. The key phrase is in verse 23. The selfsame day as God had said unto him.

May you and I hasten to obey the voice of the Lord. God gives us the vision; we come up with the plan to implement that vision. Just be sure it's God speaking to you and that it's not the residual of those collard greens, yams, and fried chicken you ate and laid down on and had a cornbread vision (or could it have been the baked beans?)

Love you so much, Danniebelle


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