Update--August 3, 2000

Let me tell you a little story. You might want to call it an update, but I call it "how God answers the smallest prayer". It was about 2:30 am early Thursday morning. I was listening to Family Radio, KEAR as I do most early mornings. The bible reading was in Genesis. As you know we've been reading in our bible study about Abraham and Isaac.

Let me also say that you know I've been doing CAPD, which requires an absolute antiseptic environment. It was about 2 am and I had just done an exchange. I was about to settle down to listen to the radio when I heard that horrible zinging sound that mosquitoes make. I was totally annoyed. No flies, bugs, mosquitoes or critters of any kind were allowed in my environment.

My prayer was "Lord let me kill that pest. You know my eyes aren't as keen as they used to be, so make me be a sharp shooter. Let me locate that sucker and kill him". (Don't ask me why it's a male mosquito, I just know it was.)

As I prayed, I sat up, turned on the light, looked on the wall above my head and there he was perched above me. I rolled up my Essence magazine and in the same style that David released the stone from his slingshot into Goliath's head, I swatted that mosquito. BAM-he was dead. You probably would have laughed but there I was sitting on the bed clapping my hands in victory and praising the Lord for coming through for me.

God is gracious, I'm feeling good and I marvel at his provision. He's an on time God-yes he is. Thank you for your love an your continued prayers. See you on the web page.

Love you so much, Danniebelle



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