Update--August 30, 2000

It is time for another update. This time, I decided to focus on the good things that are happening - and there are so many.

When I was originally faced with doing peritoneal dialysis, I hated the idea because I didn't feel I had the strength or the discipline to do it. As time goes on, I find not only do I have the strength, but I am feeling much better these days. I'm even spending more time in the kitchen cooking for myself.

I thank God for the people working here. For the most part, they're so very helpful. If I were to live in my own home and had to pay for the services that are provided, it would amount to much more than the monthly rent I have to pay.

Every month, I have to trust God to provide the $2,000.00 I need to meet my monthly budget. So far, he's been faithful. I've been praying that God would fix my situation so that I wouldn't be concerned about finances.

This is me thanking God for my family. This month, two of my sisters came over and we spent the entire afternoon singing, laughing, praying, and crying. Remembering from where God had brought me.

God is restoring some of my piano playing ability that was lost when I had the stroke in '95. I still find it difficult to play and sing at the same time due to the lack of breath control, but I'm dealing with it.

I'm thankful that I have a renewed interest in deep down meat-eating bible searching and I'm spending time learning features on my Casio CJ 541. I'm focusing on how to spark a greater interest and attendance to the Bible studies. Perhaps you could suggest something I could do to encourage the residents to attend the studies.

Love you so much, Danniebelle


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