Update--October 30, 2000

I've been writing this update for about a week and it struck me that instead of writing events in my life, that it would be better to use the format of writing a letter to God. Here goes.

Dear Father;

Thank you for the privilege of talking to you as Daddy; because that's who you are. You understand me like no other. I never want to presume on your holiness, but right now I just want to talk to you-child to Daddy.

Sometimes I've felt like you flat out abandoned me what with all the pain and discomfort I seem to constantly face. Sometimes I wonder if you hear my cries and do you see my tears. Sometimes I wish you'd go on and call me home.

Then I wake up the next morning and realize you've spared me here for a purpose and that you are true to your word, "I will never leave you nor forsake you. Trust Me. I see the entire tapestry, my child, you only see a thread of the rug. I'm using every situation that your faith in me will be increased. I've brought you this far, I'll carry you all the rest of the way".

I thank you Lord for having this little talk with you. I feel better now. Really when I look at it, I have everything I need and some of the things I want. All is well no matter what I see or hear from the doctor, all is well.

I love you



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