Update--December 25, 2000

Thank you for your prayers. A lot has happened since our recent update. Our mother is currently in the hospital. She has been in the hospital since November. Now is a time for prayer. We ask for God's will to be done.

I have asked that my sister Charlotte create an update for you to know what is going on. Here are portions of the email received today 12/25/00:

She will undergo 2 surgeries:

  • angioplasty -- designed to increase circulation to her right lower limb.
  • amputation -- the toes of the right foot are gangrene. the amputation is necessary to eliminate the gangrened portions of the right lower limb so that the rest of the limb can continue to live.

It is not clear yet how far up the right lower limb the doctor will have to go. At worst, it will be up to right below the knee. At best it will be approximately half of the right foot. The latter should give mom the ability to pivot still, as the heel looks healthy.

It is the 2nd surgery that will be the most physically challenging. Charles and I were at the hospital today (Monday, Christmas evening). Mom will undergo surgery #1 tomorrow morning. (12/26/00) She did not want to eat anything when we were there. She seemed like she wanted to rest, and responded more when the nurse was in the room.

I would like to leave this on a positive note, so I will say that our love for mom can best be shown by the things we know to do. So whatever you are able to do or whatever the Lord has laid on your heart to do, please do it -- get in touch with the pastors of churches you know who would like to be apprised of mom's condition, anything. I will do the same.

Love Charlotte.


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