Update--December 28, 2000

For those that do not know. Danniebelle Hall is in critical condition.

She has been in the hospital due complications of diabetes, and issues with her remaining leg.

On 12/26/00, the doctors planned to do an angioplasty on her remaining leg to try to improve circulation. Days later, they planned to amputate. Upon moving her from the room to do the angioplasty, she began to choke. Fluid filled her lungs and she began to vomit. Her heart stopped. They were able to resuscitate her. However, since then-she has been unresponsive.

They gave the family a 24 hour "alert" as of last night (12/27/00), they did not expect her to last through the night. Also, the family has decided not to interfere with her body. This includes not going through with the amputation, or administering "shock" to the heart if she goes into cardiac arrest a second time.

I called the hospital this morning for an update on her current condition. This morning 12/28/00--the nurse says that she is "hanging in there" She says that her blood pressure is very low. In the 60's. She is in a coma. She is not responding to anything. She is not breathing on her own. She is on life support. Her heart is beating, but that is due to the pace maker. They are not administering dialysis treatment to her anymore. They are administering "comfort measures" She does not appear to be in any pain, and is resting. When asked if she was doing ANYTHING on her own, apart from the life support, she said there is some stimuli from her, because her heart is beating, because if it weren't-the pace maker would stop.

Now that is what MAN has to say. I plan to wait and see what GOD has to say.

I am believing in God's will. I was speaking to Sandra Crouch this morning. I told her, whether the heavens are stirring to prepare a place for her, or stirring to prepare us for a miracle-I have faith in the outcome of God's will.

I do know this. When talking with my mother a few days before the expected date of the surgery, she told me that she was at peace with God's will. She said whatever the outcome, whether she "made it" or didn't "make it" It is God's will.

Current update from this evening 12/28/00--the doctors want the family to remove her from life support, where she can rest on her own. They feel that all that can be done for her has been done. The family is in agreement with this. Aside from a miracle, medically-all that can be done has been. It is all in God's hands now. Whether she were to open her eyes, jump up and run around the room, or whether she were to pass on to that beautiful place to accept her HUGE crown--we know it is God's will.

I have received countless emails from people around this nation in prayer for her.

Many have posted to the messageboards. Please continue to do so. Let's keep her legacy alive.

A while back, my mom told me that she had a vision that she would have a world wide ministry. What better place than the world wide web.

In His Name.

God Bless You
Cynthia, or more affectionately known-webdaughter


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