At 5:30pm Pacific Time, 12/28/00-Danniebelle Hall, complete with both legs, whole and anew entered into the gates of heaven.

Pastor Andrae Crouch was among those in the room. "The Best Gets Better" CD played in the background.

Earlier in the day, the family "tussled" with the decision to remove her from life support. While we were all in agreement to allow her to pass naturally, the "elders" (sorry auntie pauline, and auntie cynthia) wanted one of her children to be there. My brother Charles didn't want to be the one. He was concerned that if she began to convulse, for that to be the last image of his mother. We respected that. I (webdaughter) couldn't be there, because I am in the Southeastern portion of the United States--so it was up to my older sister Charlotte.

While waiting for Charlotte to arrive, my mom-in her controlled fashion as always, relieved any of her family members from making that decision and passed in a peaceful yet dignified manner. If you lay real still, you can hear her joyful noise!!!

"Well done good and faithful servant"

We would like to thank all of you for the prayers. I can prove, by the emails received, that a nation of folks came together on one accord and prayed on her behalf.

My mother was known not to end a conversation with good-bye, she would simply say " long for now" long for now mommy. you fought a good fight, and guess what, you won!!!



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