Hello, and welcome to Danniebelle.com

It occured to me that some of you hadn't heard from me in quite some time. So how would you know how good God has been to me?

We decided to put together a website that will allow all of you to catch-up, and keep-up with me. That may be a hard thing to do, because God has blessed me to stay on the move, so remember to bookmark this site and visit as often as you can. You must excuse my dust as this is a work in progress. Some of the site is still under construction. Let me attempt to condense all of those years into a few paragraphs.

After returning from Nigeria in the mid eighties, I lived in Monroeville, PA. I served as Ministress of Music at The Lords Church pastored by Pastor Archie Dennis. When that tenure ended, I moved back to the Northern California Bay Area to await my next assignment.

It came through Pastor John Cherry. I was able to minister at his church in Temple Hills, MD. While there, I continued ministering in various churches-giving concerts throughout the US, and overseas. During this period of time, I wrote O Se' Baba (That's pronounced "Oh Shay") and several other songs that were recorded on the Designers Original, and The Best Gets Better albums. Little did I know that my faith would be tested to the max. There was something about that declaration of faith in God made in the song "Aint No Devil in Hell Gonna Walk on the Jesus in Me" that was really going to be put to the test.

While in Dallas, TX at Concord Baptist Church with my good friend E.K. Bailey, I experienced my first seizure. That was in June 1995. The doctors informed me that my kidneys were failing. I'd been an insulin dependant diabetic for a number of years, and was under treatment for hypertension. Anyone would have predicted that it wouldn't be long before I'd be on dialisis. Oh yes, I can't forget the mamogram that resulted in a mastectomy.

There were a few other operations. An appendectomy, insertion of a pace maker, left leg amputation due to a gangreen sore on my left heel, multiple hospitalizations because of gastroporesis and diabetic neuropathy of the right hand and leg.

Everyone in my family worked so hard to take care of me when I could not take care of myself. There was not just one doctor, but numerous. The Nephrologist (kidney), Vascular Surgeon (circulation), Oncologist (breast cancer), Opthalmologist (eyes), and the Gastroenterologist (stomach). At one point, in 1996, the doctors said that I only had six to nine months to live.

God has delivered me so far from those days. I am now residing at an assisted living facility where I am the resident chaplin. I am the youngest resident. I conduct weekly bible studies, hold memorial services, and visit other residents to give an encouraging word. Basically, my mission is to help prepare the residents for their next big move.

I can now do a lot of the daily tasks that I once needed assistance to do. With the help of my motorized wheelchair, I have gained a whole new level of independence.

I owe so much to my church South Bay Community Church, pastored by Dr. Stanley Long.

Thanks to God for your prayers and his grace and mercy. I know that I am going to make it....Aint No Devil in Hell Gonna Walk on the JESUS in me!!!!


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