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"Thank You"

by Christal Roberts.
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Thank You
Thou Carest Lord

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Christal Roberts is an anointed psalmist, songwriter, musician and music arranger. She has had a love for music since her childhood and began singing at the age of two. As an independent artist, Christal has several music projects to her credit; the latest is a CD Sampler entitled "THANK YOU", on Monterey Bay Records. Christal plans to release her next project entitled "SONG'S FROM THE HEART" in mid February 2004.

The title track "THANK YOU" has great significance. Every listener will hear the smooth, distinctive voice of the late Danniebelle Hall. She was a wonderful friend, mentor, and encourager for Christal and this recording would be her last.

On April 9, 1976, Danniebelle took time out from her busy touring schedule and during a twenty-four hour time span she had before her ministry would take her overseas again, she honored Christal's home with her presence on this Christal's 15th birthday. The memory of this day would always bring a special joy and would prove to become unforgettable. Danniebelle came with a signed copy of her latest release "This Moment" and afterwards blessed everyone with a concert in the living room for forty-five minutes. At the height of Danniebelle's career, she took time out for a young girl who loved her music and was awestruck by her beautiful voice. This act of kindness would forever change Christal as she patiently waited for God to bring the two of them together once again. Twenty-two years later, God smiled on Christal and in the sunset season of Danniebelle's life, Christal and Danniebelle would spend many days together laughing, praying and encouraging one another. Danniebelle went on to be with the Lord in December of 2000 and Christal endeavors to keep her memory alive by sharing her testimony of God's favor and love.

Christal has traveled across America and well as Europe singing the good news of Jesus Christ in song. She has appeared with many Christian/Gospel artists including The Clark Sisters, Lillie Knauls, (who incidentally is Christal's Godmother) Rev. Rance Allen and others. "LISTEN" was the title of her freshman CD project released in 1998 and themed an "End Time" message in various musical forms. Most of her lyrics come directly out of the Bible; hence her music is comforting and inspirational to all who listen. She has been married twenty-four years, has two children and one grandchild. She resides in the San Jose Bay Area of California, assisting her husband in ministry at The Church of Eternal Life.

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