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What Really Happened the Day Danniebelle Died...
by B J Culpepper

The Council of the Ages conferred. The angels and archangels summoned to the board room noted with great interest that all the departments in Glory were in attendance. The Heavenly Hosts were tuning up the choir, the Mothers Board were prepared to make their request known, transportation had two matched beauties and a long gossamer robe. "This one must be a heavy hitter " they thought. One of the end time warriors.....

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The Blessing of Sister Danniebelle:
I don't know where I have been, but I just learned TODAY that one of my beloved singing role models passed away when the radio announcer said "The Late Danniebelle Hall." What a tremendous loss to Earth, but gain to heaven. I know the heavenly choir is sweeter and more soulful now that she is there. I grew up on Danniebelle. As a contralto singer, I have always loved singing her songs. I STILL sing "Ordinary People" at concerts and other events, and it STILL blesses people deeply after all these years. Her song "God Leads Us Along" got me through MANY days and nights at one very low period of my life. I remember just playing it over and over and over until the depression and darkness around me lifted. I am honored and grateful that the Lord allowed her to pass our way during this generation. I will remember her always. There will never be another Danniebelle - in voice, in lyrics, but mostly, in spirit! I will send a contribution to the foundation soon. Blessings to whoever has set up this site for us to honor a TRUE gospel legend and sister in Christ. Love and prayers to her children and family. Carol Parks Bani ....Carol Parks Bani

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