What Really Happened the Day Danniebelle Died...
by B J Culpepper

The Council of the Ages conferred. The angels and archangels summoned to the board room noted with great interest that all the departments in Glory were in attendance. The Heavenly Hosts were tuning up the choir, the Mothers Board were prepared to make their request known, transportation had two matched beauties and a long gossamer robe. "This one must be a heavy hitter " they thought. One of the end time warriors.

At last the King of Kings and the Son of Man entered the chamber. The angels stood at rapt attention.
"Please be seated " spoke the great King. They waited.
"There needs to be more order around here. The Heavenly host need a fresh new sound, a sound of the ages. Perhaps I shall send for a psalmist. One with the Davidic anointing. Perhaps I could send for one whose a mother as well to assist the Mothers board in their quest. (Why aren't the children in church? Why won't they go to Sunday School or sing in the choir? What's going on down there?)
Lord Michael asks, '"Where would we find one such as this?"

As always the King hesitated for His need though great, is always tempered by the effect it has on His earth bound children. The one he has in mind has suffered enough. I need her glorious voice here with me. NOW.

" In Fremont California, there is one such that I seek. Her music has been as a sweet smelling savor to my nostrils. She truly understands the Jesus In Me. Her name is Danniebelle Hall. Go and get her."

In a moment Danniebelle changed from mortality to immortality. More beautiful than the most beautiful person on earth. She was met and escorted by the Archangel Michael himself. Uriel (Archangel of Ministration) was left on earth with a legion of ministering spirits for the world would need to be comforted.

As she entered the Outer Courts those who had gone before her were there to meet her. Bea Carr was at the gate ready to fill her in on the Heavenly Host. Oh what a glorious reunion it was. All she passed by bowed at her passing as a warrior has come home.

At the door of the inner court, Gabriel blows his trumpet. Michael exclaims "you must go the last mile alone". She soon finds herself in the Throne Room Of Grace. Standing before the King of Kings and the Son of Man. Jesus smiles His moist beautific smile and welcomes her to glory. But it is the voice of the Father she knows so well that captured her attention. "Why I know that voice", she exclaims. "It has saved me time and time again"

"Daughter I have need of thee, your music has blessed Me and the Heavenly Host for generations, your children have blessed Me, your life has blessed me." I have blessed you God?", she queries. "Why of course beloved, whenever one obeys, I am glorified. Why your whole life is here before me. The Lambs Book of Life has every thought, word and deed recorded. Are you ready to be Judged? On these pages you fell short of the glory of God . There are 438 of them. On these you glorified and magnified me, you lifted me up and brought the songs of Zion into the earth realm. There are 478,986,235,124 of them. So now I may look upon your face for all eternity. You shall sit in the throne room over there next to Mother Teresa and Dr. Betty Shabazz.

And daughter as she turns to go........a hush falls over Glory as they never tire of hearing the words. "Well done Good and faithful servant, well done.

Submitted in loving memory............


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