God bless you, Here is a poem I wrote for Danniebelle that spells her name & highlights some of her songs. I found it incredible but true, how her songs chronicled her life & her love for God and His people.

Danniebelle Jones Hall

Down through the years, you've been a blessing in so many ways,

Adding so much through your music and your songs of praise.

Not just that, but with your heart you gave love that extended

Near and far to people whom you lovingly befriended.

In your time of crisis, your whole life reiterated

Every word in all the many songs that you created.

By the courage you've displayed, you told us, "He Knows Best!"

Encouraging us all to trust God's will and let things rest.

Life begins with Jesus was your theme and your conviction.

Like a child, your love was true to Him through your affliction.

Even from the words in "Work The Works (While It Is Day...),"


Joyfully you served and let no woes stand in your way.

Ordinary People are those used of God, it's true;

No way, though, can 'ordinary' be the word for you.

Extraordinary is your life and ministry;

Steadfast and unwavering in faith for victory.


However, you had plainly told us, "I'm Not Here To Stay."

And that "All Things Work Together." So, we're here today-

Left with mixed emotions, but we'll see you in a while;

Like you've said, "It's not good-bye, but just so long for now!"


With lots and lots of love (the same words she wrote to me in my Bible),
PameLa Bates


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