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Danniebelle's ministry was dedicated to winning souls to Jesus. She traveled around the world singing of God's infinite glory. She was an ordinary person with an extraordinary ministry and an even more extraordinary faith in God. That faith was tested and proven time and time again.

Initially, this site began as a meeting place where fans of Danniebelle could come to read words of faith and encouragement from Danniebelle herself. She posted updates detailing her personal battle with diabetes sharing her enormous sense of determination. Fans were able to post messages to Danniebelle and hold her up in prayer.

Danniebelle was scheduled for another amputation as diabetes continued to take its toll upon her physically. Spiritually, she remained faithful. Updates continued as fans and well wishers were kept abreast of her condition. She did not make it to the operation. God called her home. On December 28, 2000 -Danniebelle Hall, complete with both legs, whole and anew entered into the gates of heaven.

This site now celebrates her life and ministry.

Feel free to read these updates as they are very encouraging as well as personal. Visit often and enjoy the continuation of Danniebelle's wonderful ministry.

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